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Demolition Magnet Grapple (Demo-Mag)

This versatile hydraulic attachment combines the versatility of a demolition grapple with a durable magnet.


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The DEMO-MAG (Demolition Magnet Grapple) is a truly innovative ALL-IN-ONE attachment.

This versatile hydraulic attachment combines the versatility of a demolition grapple with a durable magnet giving it the ability to position material and separate valuable ferrous steel without changing out attachments. The Demo-Mag is guaranteed to reduce your labour costs for separating materials and increase your return on ferrous metal.

This all-in-one combination demolition magnet grapple is available for all classes of machines and can be customized to suit your individual requirement.

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  • Available with adjustable stiff link or optional cylinder,
  • Heavy duty AR500 tips with high tensile strength and abrasion resistant materials in high wear areas,
  • Available with pin on Lugging or Quick Coupler Hooks,
  • Heavy Duty Magnet for Lifting Ferrous Steel,
  • Available with Standard Pin On Lugging and can be used with Pin Grabber.