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RGC FS20 Hydraulic Circular Flush Cut Saw

The FS20 hydraulic direct drive HydraSaw is a rugged versatile saw that cuts cleanly, fast, and precisely, through concrete, steel, stone, composition material, or hard fiber when equipped with the appropriate diamond blade. Allows cuts to be made right up against a wall or an obstruction. The saw is equipped with a guarded face, water hose connection for wet cutting, and 12-inch long hose whips.

PN: FS20

  • Cut depth of up to 8 inches deep.
  • Flush cutting of perpendicular surfaces, such as walls and curb
  • Cuts vertically, horizontally and underwater.
  • Cut concrete, reinforced concrete, aggregate, stone, brick, block pipe, and steel beams quickly and cleanly.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic motor provides overload protection. This means your saw performs at a constant high speed cutting leve under load.
  • Lightweight, rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws.
  • Includes a dual-function trigger for automatic wet cutting.
  • Heavy-duty guard for flush cutting and guard attachment for normal cutting are standard features.
  • FS20 is sold as a hand saw or wall saw. The upright handle kit may also be purchased separately.

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