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Pengo – Aggressor Auger

The Aggressor® auger is a professional-grade tool designed for daily and constant drilling. The TriFlow® pilot bit provides unmatched auger stability, and the 40/50 auger teeth add the needed wear resistance required for professionals.

Pengo’s best-selling auger: The Aggessor

With more than 1,000,000 sold, Pengo’s Aggressor® Auger is the standard in which all others are measured, a professional-grade tool designed for daily and constant use. The patented Tri-Flow pilot provides unmatched auger stability as well as up to 50% longer wear over conventional pilot bits. Double flight technology provides maximum soil removal and the 5/16” flight thickness provides the long-term durability demanded of daily use.

  • Cast alloy steelhead,
  • Double flight,
  • 5/16″ flight thickness,
  • 1 piece cast head
  • Triflow 350 pilot bit with three drill points for longer wear,
  • 40/50 degree dual-angle teeth with 3-point lock and bolt fasteners.

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