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Labounty MSD- the Legend Series of Shears

New from Labounty in 2020 – the Legend series of Shears.

We are proud to introduce the Legend Series Mobile shear featuring the new Dual Max piercing tip. We think this new shear from LaBounty is a game-changer for the processing industry. With built-in InSite tech to monitor the work and an improved cutting force you’ll SEE the difference right away in you efficiency.

  • Dual Max Indexable Protection: Less build-up, more uptime. Dual Max is the industry’s only full-protection, indexable, piercing tip.
  • 10% More Force: The new MSD Legend has enhanced jaw geometry resulting in up to 10% more cutting force at the apex compared to prior model.
  • InSite Equipped: InSite pulls information from LaBounty shears to provide performance metrics that help increase productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Steadfast Control: the Legend series features 360 degree rotation with improved balance to reduce drift and increase operation stability.
  • Enhanced Lower Jaw: The structure of the lower jaw has been enhanced to be even stronger, and more durable.

These shears are equipped with InSite™, a mobile and web-based application for tracking performance.

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