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Erskine Heavy-Duty Power Angle Broom

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This heavy-duty, industrial broom for street cleanup from Erskine, is the best available in the industry. Made to last, and wear evenly, this broom is as hard-core industrial broom that will fit on a skid steer.

This industrial broom design from Erskine offers a heavy-duty frame, oversized bearing, and larger motor drive block. The strong and simple-to-use parking stands need no tools and have no pins that can get lost. The floating tilt follows the contours of uneven surfaces for better bristle contact and even bristle wear. Available in three widths (see below).

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  • 8° floating tilt allows broom to follow ground contour. This helps prevent bristle coning when angled,
  • Oversized 4” bearing on arbor,
  • Stronger reinforced frame,
  • Handles on bearing help with arbor change,
  • Handles on motor can help with bearing change and help protect motor,
  • Easy flip down stands require no tools and no pins,
  • Angle side to side 30 degrees,
  • Larger 3” hex drive helps with longevity.


Model 720HD / 720HDX / 720HDXL 840HD / 840HDX / 840HDXL 960HD / 960HDX / 960HDXL
Width 72” 84” 96”
Width Fully Angled 62” @ 30° 72.5” @ 30° 83” @ 30°
Broom Angling Manual 30° / Hyd 30° / Hyd 30° Manual 30° / Hyd 30° / Hyd 30° Manual 30° / Hyd 30° / Hyd 30°
Drive System Hydraulic Motor Direct-Drive Hydraulic Motor Direct-Drive Hydraulic Motor Direct-Drive
Skid Steer Flow Range 13-24 GPM 13-24 GPM 13-24 GPM
Wafer Diameter 32” 32” 32”
Wafer Sections (number) 38 44 50
Mounting Plate Universal Universal Universal
Weight 850 lb. 900 lb. 950 lb.
Reversible Valve Block Included w/XL model Included w/XL model Included w/XL model
Pistol Grip Control Harness*
Loader Specific Wire Harness*
Factory Installed Couplers
*Applies to Hydraulic Models Only