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Tired of losing time trying to push snow with regular skid steer tires?

This is Canada, admit it, half the time your skid steer will be operating in winter conditions. Get the right tires to save you time by giving your operator better handling. Snow tires help your skid steer get their power to the ground in snow and ice. These tires are 6.6” – 8.5” wide, compared to 10” – 14” wide conventional tires, giving you nearly twice the ground pressure. Combine that with a small block snow tread, the aggressive spacing in the tread, and a heavy duty 10 ply rating, and this tire will give your snow work a real boost. These tires will give you the grip you need to maximize the efficiency of your skid steer attachments in the winter. We have snow tires for all makes of skid steers including Bobcat, Caterpillar (Cat), Kubota, John Deere, and others.

Our tires come standard with white rims and for an extra charge can be painted any colour you want! Contact us for details.

Available for any brand of skid steer loader.

  • Skid Steers with 10×16.5 or 12×16.5 tires, standard 8 bolt pattern,
  • Bobcat Toolcat:  Specify 6 on 6 or 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern,
  • Skid Steers with 14×17.5 tires, standard 8 bolt pattern,
  • Bobcat Skid Steers with 12×16.5 tires and 8 on 10.75 bolt pattern,
  • Bobcat Skid Steers with 14×17.5 tires and 8 on 10.75 bolt pattern.
  • 6.6” – 8.5” wide,
  • Twice the pressure on the ground of regular tires,
  • Aggressive spacing = better traction,
  • 10 ply rating.

Productivity is lost with skid steer loaders due to lack of traction in the winter due to ice and snow. The power is there, but skid steer tires can’t grab the ground as well in the winter with normal tires. Precious time is wasted spinning tires rather than working –  which places additional wear on the engine and tires. Do you have winter tires on your car but not on your skid steer? Which one does more work for you?