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Accudraulics rental services allow clients to obtain additional hydraulic power tools in a flexible, rapid and cost-effective manner. Renting hydraulic tools is particularly effective for project-based work where you don’t want to tie up capital with a long term equipment purchase.

Your safety depends on understanding how to use your rented machine before you put it to work. You may be using a rental while your regular machine is being repaired. Or you may be using a rental for an activity that’s not part of your everyday job. In either case, take nothing for granted. Always be aware of your machine’s potential range of motion and other capabilities. And keep an eye on your surroundings, including other people, at all times. Extra caution is warranted if you are not familiar with the tool’s capabilities.

Available ToolsRental Policies

Why Rent Hydraulic Tools?

Minimize Costly Breakdowns

Our rental tools are newer, reliable equipment that is put through a maintenance routine by trained mechanics prior to each rental to assure the most productive and reliable equipment possible reaches your job site.

Get Your Job Completed More Efficiently

You will be using the right equipment to get the job done right. No more “just getting by” with the wrong equipment.

No Maintenance Costs

Now you can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts, and those cumbersome maintenance records. We do it all for you. Our rental agreements typically cover complete maintenance of the equipment, so you don’t have to.

Eliminate Storage Costs

No need to maintain a storage yard. Just give us a call for quick pick-up or simply drop off the equipment at our shop when done.

No Capital Investment

Renting frees up your business’ capital. An expense is only incurred for the equipment when it is needed for a particular job.

Better Your Borrowing Power

Renting equipment does not appear as a liability on your business’ balance sheet. So renting can actually increase your borrowing power by offering a better ratio of assets to liabilities.

No Equipment Obsolescence

Equipment ownership can be costly. The value of equipment depreciates over time. Renting from Accudraulics allows you to use the latest technology equipment without the concern of costly depreciation.

Try It Before You Buy It

What better way to thoroughly try out equipment than to rent it? AND 60% of your rental fee on a tool can be used to purchase that tool in the future. Ask about our rent to own program.

Supplement Your Core Fleet

You may not always have the right equipment to get the job done, but we do. Feel free to bid on that job knowing that you can get the right tools from us.

Expect Superior Service

We will work to become your trusted rental source and make your job easier.


Our Rental Process

[process_steps type=”vertical” size=”default”]

[process_step title=”Compatibility” icon=”circle-o-notch” icon_color=”#b70b0b”] The first step in renting equipment is to confirm that we have the right equipment for your needs. For attachments, we confirm the make and model and weight of your existing equipment and select a model that is the perfect fit. [/process_step]

[process_step title=”Inventory” icon=”th-list” icon_color=”#b70b0b”]  Accudraulics has a large inventory of equipment of various sizes and we want to ensure our equipment matches your needs and equipment the first time. [/process_step]

[process_step title=”Term Length” icon=”calendar” icon_color=”#b70b0b” target=”_self”] Our tools are available on a DAILY, WEEKLY (7 continuous days), and MONTHLY (28 continuous days) basis that can be extended as needed. You will need to speak to us to approve an extension of your term on that equipment prior to the extension.[/process_step]

[process_step title=”Pickup OR Delivery” icon=”bars” icon_color=”#b70b0b” target=”_self”] You can pick up the tools or we can deliver to the worksite and install the equipment (extra fees apply). At the end of the rental, we can collect the equipment (extra fees apply) or you can return it to us.[/process_step]

[process_step title=”Training” icon=”check” icon_color=”#b70b0b” target=”_self”] We walk you through using the equipment and train you or your staff for safe, efficient, operation. [/process_step]

[process_step title=”Requirements” icon=”bank” icon_color=”#b70b0b” target=”_self”] Payments can be made with credit card, cheque, or apply for a pre-approved account with us. All clients will require proof of a certificate of insurance before equipment is rented (basically, a statement from your insurance provider that ensures you have coverage for the type of machine you are renting).  [/process_step]

[process_step title=”After” icon=”stethoscope” icon_color=”#b70b0b” target=”_self”] We pressure wash, inspect and test every piece of equipment when it comes back to our shop. This is to ensure the next customer is getting a machine that is 100%. [/process_step]