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Accudrualics – bucket teeth and wear parts

VBL self-sharpening side pin teeth are a great choice for any bucket requiring high-performance wear parts.

Using computer models and wear simulations, these side pin teeth have been engineered with high performance fpor all shapes and sizes.

  • (L) Long — Good combination of wear life and penetration. Basic choice for loaders or excavators.
  • (RP) Rock Penetrator — A penetration shape plus an engineered wear pad on the bottom make an excellent design for front-end loaders.
  • (F) Flare — Wide, flat profile leaves a flat floor as well as extends bucket capacity. Great choice for excavators in loose material.
  • (T) Tiger — Sharpest tooth available for high penetration in hard-packed materials.
  • (TT) Twin Tiger — Double version of tiger primarily used on the ends of the bucket to cut clearance.
  • (RC) Rock Chisel — Best choice for heavy impact in rock, will penetrate well and pry rocks loose.