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Stanley HP28 Twin 8 Power Unit

The HP28 (TWIN28) twin circuit hydraulic power unit offers a revolutionary design capable of operating two tools at 8 gpm simultaneously. For the first time running two hydraulic tools at full 8 gpm capacity is a reality, increasing productivity and versatility like never before.

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  • Flow -one tool @ 8 GPM
  • Flow – two tools @ 8 GPM
  • ATM Technology: Active Thermal Management (ATM) optimizes performance in extreme weather conditions. By managing oil temperatures, preheat time is decreased and tool runtime increases.
  • Side Handles: New side handles improve ease of lifting the unit while adding side impact protection and with no moving parts to wear or corrode.
  • Solid Tires: Eliminates the need to refill flat tires and decreases pull force needed for maneuvering.
  • Lifting Hook

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