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EZ Spot UR Barrel Handler Attachment

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The EZ Spot UR BARREL HANDLER allows you to move full or empty barrels with ease. The BARREL HANDLER rotates up to 300 degrees for easy handling of barrels and allows for quicker placement and manipulation of the barrel.



Handles 55-gallon, 30-gallon, and plastic barrels securely.

The EZ Spot UR BARREL HANDLER allows you to pick up full or empty barrels quickly and easily. The BARREL HANDLER rotates up to 300 degrees. With the optional insert, The BARREL HANDLER will adapt to handle 30-gallon drums. The Barrel handler is ideal for the oil, scrap iron and hazardous waste industries. You can scoop up waste in solid or liquid form safely from the operator’s seat of your skid steer loader. The barrel handler will not damage plastic or metal barrels and allows you to pour liquids or solids with precision. Plastic barrels won’t slip because of the unique barrel lift support.


• Fits on all the Skid Steers equipped with the Universal Quick’Tach.
• Can be modified to fit on speciality machines such as excavators, backhoes and telehandlers.
• Handles 55 gal and 30 gal drums.
• Handles metal and plastic Barrels.
• Mounted on a rotating base, can rotate up to 300 degrees.
• Guaranteed not to crush barrels.
• The inside of the BARREL HANDLER arms are lined with anti-static rubber to prevent slippage and
electric shock.
• Speciality barrel handlers to handle 110 gallon and 85-gallon barrels are available on request.