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Erskine Dual Rotary Brush Mower

The Dual Rotary Brush Mower is engineered for today’s larger skid steers. The 84” cutting width is built with 1/4” steel to withstand the rigours of brush cutting. Use it to cut trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass. A unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system allows you to cut evenly on level surfaces as well as the most rugged terrain. This is further supported by the innovative blade positioning that achieves reduced deck length.

Model 84”
Part Number 901505
Mounting Plate Universal
Hydraulic Pump Requirements 30 – 42 GPM
Cutting Width 84”
Cutter Capacity Brush up to 3”
Shipping Weight 1,720 lb.
Operating Weight 1,670 lb.
Overall Height 24”
Overall Length 82”
Overall Width 88”
  • Heavy-duty design made for extreme applications,
  • Designed for maximum cutting potential,
  • Heavy-duty gearbox to power through the toughest brush,
  • HD stump jumper is designed to store rotational energy,
  • Dual edge cutting blades so you can reverse blade rotation for double the life,
  • No shear pins,
  • Operates both forwards and backwards.

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