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Pengo Augers and Wear Parts Now In Stock

pengo wear parts - lots in stock

Pilot bits, teeth, holders and installation/removal tools for Pengo augers, core barrels, and drill buckets are now in stock at Accudraulics. We can help you select the wear parts best suited to your project – from dirt, to clay, to non-fracturable rock, we have the parts you require for your project and will ship it to you fast. Click on the icon to the right to download the Pengo catalogue of wear parts that we stock.

Pengo wear parts in stock

Pilot Bits

pengo replacement bit auger pilot
Hardface Carbide (HFTC)

Pengo builds a wide range of pilot bits for their augers. Specialized to work in different soil types, Pengo’s pilot bits come in a wide range of styles and sizes to match their augers and your project. Contact us for a consultation on which bit you should be using for your project to realize the fastest drilling.

Pilot Bit Drive Lugs and Adaptors

Expand your options! Pengo has a wide assortment of Drive Lugs and Adaptors to expand the drilling capabilities of your auger to match the soil conditions. Ask us for details.

Auger Teeth

AGGRESSOR® auger teeth are for use in dirt, abrasive soil or fracturable rock, depending on the type of tooth you are using. All types of 40/50 tooth can be used at either a 40 or 50-degree angle providing different attack angles based on your drilling condition. Let us help you choose the right ones for your machine and your project.