felco 42" compactor

hydraulic wheel compactors manitoba available

A wheel compactor that enables you to reach 95% compaction that requires NO DAILY MAINTENANCE.

Felco Wheel Compactors combine industry-leading sealed journal axle bearings and proven tamping pad wheel design all within a rigid frame built to withstand heavy use.

The result?  All Felco wheel compactor styles are capable of compacting 1-2 foot lifts to 95% density in most soil types and come with replaceable scraper teeth standard. The most popular style is the Tamping Pad. This wheel compacts from the top down and achieves desired compaction with multiple passes. The Sheep’s Foot style has the smallest footprint and compacts from the bottom up. The Segmented Rim style uses the same method to compact as the Sheep’s Foot only with a slightly larger footprint.

Felco wheel compactors are available in three styles to provide high-performance compaction for a variety of soil types and compaction needs. All three designs work well in granular and cohesive soils and result in 95%+ density with no greasing due to the sealed journal axle bearings system.

Industry-Best 5 Year Warranty

Available for Excavators, Mini-Excavators, & Backhoes