mini blue diamond hydraulic attachments

excavator underneath brush cutter attachment hydraulic

MINI EXCAVATOR BRUSH CUTTER hydraulic attachment

tight quarters hydraulic brush cutter attachment heavy duty strong



A brushcutter that’s small in size and big in power.

Using the direct drive system from the Blue Diamond skid steer cutter model, this brush cutter unit for mini-excavators has an extremely rugged direct drive system with a large flywheel that stores energy, keeps the blades cutting even in difficult conditions.

Blue Diamond Attachments has added two new sizes to this already popular attachment. These units use a three blade system with straight AR400 double edged blades.


  • Direct drive versus motor gearbox combinations!
  • 3 blades versus 2 blades!
  • Mount bolts on versus welded mounts that limit from changing machines!
  • More economical to purchase, maintain and operate than a flail mower!
  • 3″ drive shaft versus 1.5″ shaft on right angle gearbox cutters!
  • Now stocking many mounts for popular machine brands for quick delivery!

• Mowing steep banks,

• Mowing around ponds,

• Cutting back brush on roadways and trails,

• Reaching over fences and guardrails